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Sandvika - the new Kadettangen

The Kadettangen beach has expanded its area with a much larger sandy beach, large lawns with trees, a swan-shaped plunge tower, showers, new toilets, wardrobe, kiosk and playground.

When a new E-16 was to be built under Sandvika, stones and gravel were dumped from the construction work in the old shoreline of Kadettangen.

This made it possible to expand the beach area in all directions. The sandy beach has also become much better and more child friendly.

The new swan-shaped plunge tower is one of the main attractions. In addition, new kiosks, new wardrobes and new toilets have been added.

Right next to the Kadettangen the river Sandvikselva flows into the fjord. There you will find lots of birds.

A swan cleans the plumage ...

... while a duck paddles quietly around the sun.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Kadettangen at Sandvika

For: Everyone. Available for stroller and wheelchair.

Get there: Take the E-18 from Oslo and get off at Sandvika. Then follow signs for Kadettangen. There is a large fee parking area right on the beach.

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