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Hållö - a jewel from the Ice Age

An hour's drive from Strømstad in Sweden you'll find a small island called Hållö - right outside the tourist resort Smögen. Here thousands years ago the ice polished the mountain and made soft, rounded shapes.

The ferry to the island takes only 10 minutes in peaceful speed from Smögen on the west coast of Sweden.

The island has very little vegetation and the peak altitude is not many meters above sea level, but on the top there is a lighthouse that has been important for boats in this dangerous waters full of islets and sheaves.

The island is a testimony of the Ice Age. Here the ice has created beautiful patterns that algae and minerals have put their color on.

The island is no bigger than you can walk around it in an hour's time.

Despite the fact that the island has very little soil, it has several hundred plant species.

In many places around the island there are set up bathing ladders that are essential for swimming.

There are also made bridges in some places to make the hike easier.

For those interested in shape and color, this is an eldorado.

One of the most spectacular products from the Ice Age is the giant potholes. The myth says that the potholes are the pots of giants. There are about 40 giant potholes on the island.

Previously, it was assumed that the potholes were created by a rock rotating in a recess.

Now it is believed that the phenomenon is created by small gas explosions created by the great pressure under the ice. The giant potholes can be three meters deep.

At the lighthouse there is a cafe and accommodation. You can rent a room or a cabin.

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Excursion of the week: The island of Hållö outside Smögen on the west coast of Sweden

Suitable for: Both children and adults. Not suitable for stroller or wheelchair.

Duration: The island is just over a mile long and a half mile wide, but because it is a bit rough in some places and the view is so marvelous, be prepared to spend at least some hours. There are many organized hiking trails.

Get there: From Strömstad follow the E6 towards Gothenburg. Just before Uddevalla there is a sign for Smögen. Follow the signs until you are in Smögen. The ferry to Hållö goes from the port where all the small boats are located. The ferry takes a little over ten minutes and cost 100 Swedish kroner in total for both ways.

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