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Guadalest - Vivood hotel

Just off the medieval town of Guadalest a few miles within Altea on the Costa Blanca, lies Vivood. It is a small countryside hotel for adults who want tranquility.

Guadalest is the closest neighbor. It is one of the best preserved and most beautiful medieval cities in Spain.

Here you will find eight museums, art studios, numerous shops, and restaurants.

From Guadalest you have a beautiful view of the lake below and the surrounding mountains.

Vivood is only one kilometer further inland into the valley.

From the hotel you can look up at Guadalest, and from this side you really see how well protected this village is where it is located on a hill.

Vivood has its own cliff that gives shelter for the eastern wind.

Here you live in small cabins where the entire wall is a large window giving you a feeling of being out in nature.

The cabins are connected to each other through small, pleasant hiking trails.

At the bottom of the area there is a swimming pool where you have the feeling of floating at the top of the valley.

There is also a reception and a lounge.

Excursion of the week: Vivood hotel at Guadalest

Suitable for: Those who want a little special experience. Only for adults who want tranquility. Book your accommodation well in advance.

Get there: Follow CV-70 from Benidorm via La Nucía to Guadalest, or take CV-755 from Altea to Guadalest. Drive one kilometer past Guadalest. Turn right at the sign for Vivood. Access only for those staying overnight.

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