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Färingen - Strømstad's pearl

A few minutes drive from Strømstad lies a beautiful lake, ideal for swimming, fishing, picnics, canoeing or a peaceful walk in pleasant woodland. Here you usually get nature for yourself.

The first part of the trip goes along the beach and in an open forest with mostly pine trees.

The trails are quite wide and soft and comfortable to walk on.

If you take a little detour outside the trail, you'll find smooth rocks that invites you to a break at beachside.

A little further ahead you can visit one of the small beaches along the route.

Often you will have the beach for yourself. Some of them are also so small that there is no room for others.

After a ten minute walk you reach a suspension bridge that leads to a small island - Färingsön.

On the other side, the trail leads to a small cabin that the tourist association owns. You can rent it if you wish.

It is of simple standard, but has many beds and an idyllic location.

From October to Easter, it is open for coffee serving every Sunday from 11-14. It is only allowed to cross the bridge during the summer and autumn. From Easter to June 15, this is the bird's territory.

If you wish to stay here in a tent or motorhome one day, you can continue the forest road that takes off at the bus stop down to the water. Then you get a small beach plot for yourself. This is no campsite, and you can not stay for more than two days there.

But for this limited time you will have a private swimming pool that few other places can offer.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Färingen at Strømstad. Here you get a lot privacy and unforgettable experiences. For young children there is no better way to get to know the woods.

Activities: If you want to rent a canoe or kayak, you can sign up for the Friluftsfrämjandet ( Then you will also have access to the cabin outside of opening hours.

Duration: About 1-2 kilometers, 15 minutes walk from the parking lot to the cottage on the island.

Suitable for: All ages. Ideal for families with small children.

Getting there: Leave E6 at the exit Strømstad Nord (first exit to Strømstad when you come from Oslo). Follow the old E6 towards Oslo (back) in a few hundred meters until you reach a sign on the right side to Näsinge and Blomsholm. Follow this road for approx. 1.5 kilometers until you reach the first bus stop on the right side, whichit Färingen. Park your car in the small car park right outside the road (only space for 6-7 cars). Walk the path/gravel road down to the water. The trip goes on the left side of the water. Just follow the trail straight all the way until you come to the suspencion bridge and then to the cabin by the water.

Challenge 1: Can you find this rock on the trip?

Challenge 2: Can you find this one?


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