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Embalse de Guadelest - the green lake

The medieval city of Guadalest is Spain's third most visited tourist attraction. In the valley below is a lake that it is possible to walk around.

Guadalest is worth a visit. It is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Spain.

It is a fortress town made on top of a cliff in a beautiful mountain landscape. The cliff provides natural protection, but also limits the development.

On the southwest side of the water there is a path along the water's edge. Start the tour here.

After a short time, you get a pleasant view of the dam itself. In Spain, most days are sunny days, but this trip is just as good in harsh weather.

On the other side, you get a pleasant view of Vivood - an interesting and distinctive hotel where you live in cottages where you get the feeling of living outdoors in nature.

The cabins face the mountain landscape, and the entire wall is a single large window.

Once you reach the end of the water, the route continues a paved highway.

On the other side of the water you will see the eastern side of Guadalest. There you can see even more clearly how well protected the village is.

Excursion of the Week: Tour around Embalse de Guadalest

Suitable for: Everybody.

Duration: The trip is 9.5 kilometers and takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Get there: Follow CV-755 from Altea to Guadalest or CV-70 from Benidorm through La Nucía. On the southern side of Guadalest, there is a narrow road called Calle la Era. Follow this down to a small parking lot on the south side of the Lake Embalse de Guadalest. Park here and follow the trail on the west side of the water (turn left before the bridge over the dam). Follow the path/road until you reach the end of the lake. Cross the bridge over the river. Follow the road further back along the water on the other side until you reach the parking lot again.

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