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Ekebergparken - still provocative?

In 2013 the sculpture park in Ekebergåsen was opened. Many were furious that the city council had accepted the gift from Christian Ringnes. If you have not already been there, it's time for a visit.

That the forest area would lose its distinctive character was one of the most important appeal points to the sculpture park. But the municipality failed to maintain the area. The gift from Ringnes secures operating grants for the next 50 years and has made the park much more accessible to most people.

The sculpture park should have what is called a feminine basic idea - a park "in honor of the woman," as Ringnes said, an idea somebody heavily opposed. There are, however, a number of nice hiking trails and trails in the Park that everybody should be able to appreciate.

One of the most controversial pieces of art was the woman who was urinating. As the picture shows, the ground is still wet after the sculpture literally has been weeping, something that happens at certain intervals.

The sculpture of the big penis also caused strong reactions. But apart from these two works of art, it is difficult to find something that could bump up delicate souls.

The visual impression changes from concave to convex as you pass the sculpture.

The sculptures are scattered in a relatively large area. There is a map of roads and trails in which you can find the location of the various sculptures. Some of the sculptures and installations are off the path and quite secluded. Others stand right on the trail.

The couple that hangs in the trees moves with the wind and the reflective surface changes color. The first 25 works of art were in place in 2015. Over the next 50 years, it is intended that new works will still be coming. The works of art will be owned by Ringnes, but permanently exhibited in the park.

Most of the area is protected by the Cultural Heritage Act and has an exceptionally high density of ancient memories. Ringnes gave 100 million to sculptures, 100 million to a fund that will provide necessary resources for maintenance and operation and 100 million to make viewpoints, water levels and serving places.

Benches have been set up in several places where you can view the city and the fjord.

You'll probably like to have a refreshment or meal at the Ekebergrestauranten before finishing the excursion.

In the first part of the park there are several well-preserved old wooden houses which today are used for museums and banqueting rooms.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Ekebergparken

Duration: Calculate to use a few hours. It takes time to walk around to find all the works of art. You'll need half an hour if you want to walk from Oslo-S. You can hike a some kilometers on the trails inside the park.

Suitable for: Everyone. Both children and adults can enjoy this park. Let the kids have a look for the different artworks - it's a fun discovery trip. Get a map that shows where the different installations are.

Getting there: You can go/ride a bike, take a bus, tram or drive.

Walk: There is a path from the bottom of Ekebergåsen and up to the Ekebergrestauranten which is the starting point for the trails and the hiking trails. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Oslo-S to the bottom of Ekebergåsen and then 10 minutes more to reach the restaurant. Follow Sweigårdsgaten from Oslo-S/Oslo City to the south. Turn right to Oslo gate and follow this past the Medieval Park (Middelalderparken) and the Old Town (Gamlebyen) until you reach the roundabout where the Mosseveien starts. Here you should enter Konows gate before you enter a path that follows Kongsveien and the tram line up the hill to the Ekebergrestauranten.

Bus: Line 34 Ekeberg Hageby and line 74 Mortensrud will both lead to the upper side of the park.

Tram: Linje 18 Ljabru/Holtet and linje 19 Ljabru will both lead to the coast side of the park. Leave the bus at Sjøkrigsskolen.

Car: From E6, take off to Ekeberg just before the exit to Mosseveien towards Gothenburg. Follow the signs towards Ekeberg until you reach the roundabout where Mosseveien begins. Then follow the Kongeveien right up to the Ekebergrestaurant. There is a limited number of parking spaces at the restaurant.

Challenge: can you find the woman with the tail? And who or what is it?

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