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Comares - charming white mountain village in Malaga

On top of a cliff in the mountains an hour's drive from Malaga is one of the highest white villages in Andalucia situated. It can be seen from a long distance.

The village has in its time been part of an important defensive structure for the Moors and has a history that stretches all the way back to 300 BC.

Today, 1,500 people live here. There are a couple of bars, a small hotel and two open spaces. Everything is clean and well maintained and picturesque. Nevertheless, there are relatively few tourists here.

It does nothing for those who find their way to the place. It just makes it even more pleasant to stroll around the narrow, cozy streets.

On one edge of the cliff is a beautiful cemetery for the village's inhabitants. It is worth a visit.

From several vantage points you get a view of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

At the entrance to the town there is a large information board with an overview of interesting things to see. You can park here. Only the residents of the village are allowed to drive in the city centre.

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Excursion of the week: The white mountain village of Comares. This is one of the hidden treasures of the Andalucía region that you should visit if you are in the province of Malaga. Fits everyone.

Get there: Search for Comares in Google Maps. Alternatively: Drive the A-7001/MA-3111 from Malaga east. Drive past Olias and follow the signs for Comares.

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