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Frigliana - white village in Malaga

The small mountain village of Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful white villages in the Andalucía region where it sits like a balcony on the Sierra Almijara.

The city was originally established by the Romans, but the buildings we see today were made by the Moors.

This is a well-maintained and beautiful village. Everything here is clean, neat and picturesque. It is also one of the area's biggest tourist attractions.

Here you will find everything you want as a tourist. Something beautiful that you can take pictures of everywhere, in addition to restaurants, hotels and shops.

Some of the houses are integrated into the cliff face.

For those who want more physical activity, there is a marked hike path that starts from the center of the old town, where the main shopping street begins.

Walk down the street towards the Río Higuerón river. It continues in a steep cemented road down to the dry river bed.

When you turn, you see Frigiliana from below.

Turn left when you reach the bottom and continue a few hundred meters up the river course.

Take the path up to the right when you come to the trail sign on the right.

The route is marked white and red.

It follows a narrow and relatively steep path up to the top.

You quickly get a nice view of the valley the river has entered.

When you reach a small plateau, continue upwards to the right towards the highest peak. Do not follow the signs to Nerja.

Here the view of the surrounding mountains becomes even more beautiful.

Once you've reached the highest point and taken the obligatory selfies, continue straight ahead and down the path on the other side.

Then you will eventually be able to see over to Frigiliana on the other side of the river.

Continue on the path/dirt road downhill until you come to a crossing road. Here you turn right. Then just continue down until you reach the river bed again. There you turn right and continue along the riverbed for a couple of hundred meters until you return to the road that took you down to the riverbed from Frigiliana. Follow it back up to the village.

As the map below shows, this trip is about 6 km long, and you climb about 300 metres. Depending on physical condition, it will take 2-3 hours to walk.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Frigiliana in the Malaga district - white village.

Suitable for: City tour in Frigiliana suitable for everyone. The round trip down to Río Higuerón requires you to be in normal physical shape. It is not dangerous or technically demanding, but the ascent can be strenuous.

Get there: Search for Frigiliana on Google Maps. Alternatively: Drive the A7 eastwards from Malaga past Vèlez-Malaga and on to Nerja. At Nerja, take the MA-5105 towards Frigiliana. Follow the signs to the village. There are car parks along some of the streets at the beginning of the village, but it pays to park in the car park on the left as you approach the centre. Then you have a short distance to most things, and the car is cool when you return.

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