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Cocentaina - mountain village near Alcoy

An hour's drive inland from Alicante on the Costa Blanca, lies the mountain village of Cocentaina, just a few kilometers from Alcoy.

It is perhaps best known for its large market la Feria de Todos los Santos in early November each year. It is the largest market in the entire Valencia region, and then the entire old town is transformed into a marketplace.

It is a traditional event that has been held since 1346 and has been given the status of Interés Turistico Internacional by the Spanish government.

The village also has the fiesta La Corriola on December 8 and the Fiesta de Christianos y Moros de Cocentaina in the first week of August each year.

But this is a village you can enjoy visiting all year round. In the old town you will find peaceful, narrow streets and beautiful little squares.

There are marked arrows along historical trails that you can walk to take in the most important buildings and monuments, but the center is no bigger than you can explore on your own.

In the old town, Palacio Comdal is probably the biggest attraction. This is an old fortification that has now been partially converted into a museum.

When visiting the city, you should also take in the Castell de Cocentaina. It is a medieval castle from the 15th century of which unfortunately only the watchtower now remains.

You start the tour at the Ermita de Sant Christófol. There is also a recreation area where you can relax and eat a little before starting the ascent to the castle.

The route to the tower starts in the road that goes up just at the start of the car park. You see the watchtower on top of the cliff above.

The road winds upwards for a couple of kilometres, with a steady rise the whole time.

The last stone path up to the watchtower goes along a slope. People with a fear of heights may find this uncomfortable, especially when there is strong wind.

From the top you have a nice view of the entire surrounding area. From here you can also see the area of the old town and the newer districts around.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The mountain village of Concentaina near Alcoy in Spain.

Suitable for: The Old Town is suitable for everyone. The ascent to Castell de Consentaina can be somewhat strenuous and requires you to be in normal physical shape. The final path to the Castell de Cocentaina watchtower can be uncomfortable for people with a fear of heights.

Get there: Search for Avenida del País Valencià Cocentaina. Park there. Alternatively: Follow the A7 towards Alcoy from Alicante. Follow the signs for Cocentaina when you have arrived in Alcoy. Follow the signs for parking.

There are many parking options on the edge of the old town in Cocentaina. If you park in Avenida del Pais Valencia, you will be close to the old town. Follow signs to Pueblo Antiguo or Palau Comtal de Cocentaina.

To get to Castell de Cocentaine, follow Avenida del Pais Valencia further in the direction of Valencia. Turn left towards Castell de Cocentaina at the edge of town where this is signposted. Follow the signs to Ermita de Sant Cristòfol and park there. Take the steep paved road towards Castell de Cocentaina which goes up steeply to the left just before the car park.

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