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Bærums verk - nails, guns and bullets

If you wish to to combine some shopping with an historical tour, the preserved buildings at Bærum verk show the outline of what once was Norway's largest ironworks factory. In November and December it's a nice place to buy some presents and get in mood for Christmas.

Julestemning på Bærums verk - verksgata

The Bærums verk in Lommedalen was built in 1643 when the Dutchman Gabriel Marcelius bought the business of the company "Ironworks". Later, well-known families such as Krefting, Anker, Wedel Jarslberg and Løvenskjold owned it.

Lyset fra de gamle fredede bygningene speiler seg i vannet fra Lommedalselva

The business was shut down in 1964. Both the housing for the workers, the homes for the functionaries, the school and the inn are now protected. They nowadays have dining places and a variety of shops and workshops for arts and crafts.

Close to the marketplace there is a small chocolate factory shop where you can buy chocolate that no one else can offer.

Fredede trebygninger på Bærums verk der det i dag er spisessted, håndverks- og kunshåndverksforretninger

In the former homes for functionaries and workers there are now restaurants, carpentry, ironsmiths, glassblowers and the like.

By the river there is a marketplace with sales stalls and shops.

Butikker med kunst og kunsthåndverk ved Bærums verk

Kustgjenstander utstilt ved Bærums verk

Glasskunst fra glassblåseriet

Kustverkt i vinduet til en av butikkene

Scattered around the area there are sculptures and art installations.

Kongle i jern ved Bærums verk

Liten foss i Lommedalselven

Along the river there is a path. Right next to the waterfall you'll find the old factory building, which now houses a furniture store. In the same building there is a small museum that shows the on-site operation throughout the ages.

Kustverk foran den gamle fabrikkbygningen

The inn is one of the protected buildings. It is the oldest Norwegian inn that is still in operation.

Vertshuset på Bærums verk

At the old stables there is outdoor seating in the summer.

Fredet låve og fjøs ved Bærums verk

Uteservering på Versthuset i Bærums verk

Speeking of the Christmas atmosphere. During the weekends, the children will be allowed to ride a carriage drawn by a horse headed by the Santa Claus. There is lit fire in barrels, and you can buy rømmegrøt og spekemat.

Det store juletreet hvor kanefarten starter

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Bærums verk

Suitable for: Shopping, stroll, art tour. Large shopping center as well as many small shops and workshops. Several dining places. The pancake house is popular for the little ones.

Getting there: If you arrive at E-18 from Oslo, take off to Sandvika and drive the E16 towards Hønefoss. After a couple of kilometers, turn right to Lommedalen (road 168). Drive straight through two roundabouts (follow signs for Lommedalen). When you get a small lake on your right, you are close by. You can park by the river or turn left at a roundabout at the top and park there. You can hike on both sides of the river.


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