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Asker - Hvalstrand bathing facilities

Hvalstrand bath is the most traditional bathing facility in Asker. It was created in 1934 by private owners with a plundge tower, roller coaster and a stately restaurant.

During the 1960s, operations became less profitable, and from 1978 Asker municipality had to take over. At that time, the plant was in poor condition due to lack of maintenance.

In 1993 the plant was protected. The old, partly destroyed plundge tower was replaced with an exact copy, and the restaurant was rebuilt and reopened in 1997.

It is now run by the restaurant house Sult, which also runs Vollen fjordkro. The resort also has the hire of beach boats and a large pier that recreational boats can moor at.

More excursions:

The excursion of the week: Hvalstrand bath in Asker, Leangbukta

For: Everyone. Kid friendly. Toilets, plundge tower, kiosk, boats for hire.

Get there: Take the E-18 from Oslo. Take the exit for Holmen in the exit after passing IKEA. Follow signs for Slemmestad and Røyken. Follow the road straight ahead until there is a sign for Hvalstrand bad. Turn left and follow the road to a large beach parking lot.

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