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Vollen og Rabben - idyllic bathing areas

Many people know Vollen right outside of Oslo as a beautiful little "southern village" with white wooden houses. The beaches and the terraced rocky beaches are not as well known.

On the sandy beach of Vollen the children can wade on shallow water and play with a shovel and bucket. If you go to the left you will find a bathing ladder.

If you go to the right you will find a completely different terrain. Here the mountain has been eroded by the natural forces to a relatively flat area.

Here nature has created nice terraces that are suitable for taking a rest and watch the inner Oslofjord. The area is called Rabben. To the west, you will see Elnestangen.

On both sides of Rabben you will find idyllic places, small beaches and a small pond.

A visit to the patisserie in Vollen city center is also recommended. You can not complain about the view from here.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Vollen beach and Rabben.

Suitable for: Everybody.

The area has: Sandy beach, cliffs, bathing pier with ladder, toilet, coastal path, pond, boat harbor, museum. Feel free to combine your trip with a visit to the Oslo Fjord Museum.

Get there: Follow E-18 towards Drammen from Oslo. Take off to Slemmestad at Holmen and then follow Slemmestadveien Rv-165 until you reach Vollen. Turn left over the hilltop and follow the road down to the water. Park in the parking lot in connection with the Oslo Fjord Museum. Walk past the museum and you come straight down to the sandy beach. Then, just explore. The coastal path begins here. You can also take a boat directly from Oslo city center to the pier in Vollen. Then it's only a few hundred meters to the beach.

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