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Vollen - Coastal hiking

The beaches in the inner Oslofjord are special. In many places, slanted slate layers are eroded to quite flat, but rough rocks. Occasionally you will find soft sandy beaches with wide-open grasslands inside.

The slates erodes into gravel of small flat stones. Some of the beaches are covered with this kind of gravel.

If you follow the coastal path along the beaches between Vollen and Slemmestad, you can find small beach crabs or admire the views to Oslo, Nesodden and the islands in the archipelago.

In the evenings when the beaches are in the shadow, Oslo stands out in the distance.

Birds are not abundant on this route, but you'll probably see some nesting pairs.

It might be sensible to start the trip in Vollen. In the harbor, small fishing boats are moored at the piers.

The coastal path follows the beaches as far as possible. In some places, the cliffs are so steep and inaccessible that the path has to be pulled slightly inland. But most of the road you can hike in idyllic nature.

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Excursion of the week: Coastal hiking on the path kyststien between Vollen and Slemmestad

Suitable for: all ages, no dangerous areas.

Length: approximately 4 kilometers one way.

Get there: Follow the E18 from Oslo towards Drammen. Take off to Holmen at the first exit after Sandvika. The coastal path runs from Holmen to Slemmestad and is approximately 15 kilometers. However, the route from Holmen to Vollen is more suitable for cycling. Continue on Riksvei 165 towards Røyken until you reach Vollen. Turn left and drive down to the Oslofjord Museum. Park in a parking lot near the museum and go down to the beach. Then follow the shoreline and signs until you reach Slemmestad. From Slemmestad, the bus returns to Holmen.

Challenge: Can you find this spot?

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