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The food market Mercado Central Alicante

A short distance from the castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante lies what is Spain's best and largest market. At least according to the locals.

The stately building located in Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio was designed by architect Fransisco Fajardo Guardiola in 1915 and completed in 1922 by Juan Vidal Ramos.

The building has an eclectic style with a mixture of older ornaments and Valencian modernism. It is rectangular, but has a rounded end with an entrance in the south.

There are two floors of market stalls. The lower floor is somewhat larger than the upper floor. Here you can buy all kinds of food. Everything is fresh and of high quality.

Regardless of whether you want to buy something or not, this market hall is worth a visit.

There is a market hall that the locals use and are proud of. It is open 07 - 14.30 from Monday to Friday.

At the entrance on the north side, there is a flower shop with beautiful and fresh flowers and magnificent flower arrangements. There is also a good restaurant there that can be recommended.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: The food market hall in Alicante el Mercado Central Alicante.

Opening hours: 07-14.30 from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday closed.

Get there: The market hall is located in Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio no. 8. It is central in Alicante.

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