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Tárbena - tour in the mountains

From the mountain village of Tárbena in the Alicante district, a marked trail of just over 14 km has been created. This post describes parts of this trail, a loop of 6 km.

Park the car in the signposted car park just off the Tárbena exit from the CV-715. Walk a few tens of meters back towards the exit and take the first road on the left - the road in the middle of the picture below.

After 50 metres, you will come to an information poster. The map shows the entire loop of 14 km. We will only go to the first viewpoint on the route (bottom left), and then a slightly different way back.

After a few hundred meters you will come to a sign. Follow the direction of Muntanya.

The road turns into a narrower path on the left side of the tree in the picture below.

After a short time you will come to a sharp turn to the right marked yellow and white. Follow this down into the valley.

Most of the tour is marked with yellow and white markers, but if you find a blue marker from the previous marking system, you are on the right track.

The trip first goes down into the valley and then climbs back up to the mountain shown in the picture below.

Follow the signs for Muntanya at the junction where signs have been posted. Follow the yellow and white markings on the paths.

At the intersection in the picture below, follow the road to the left.

After a climb on a road with a concrete surface, you will come to an intersection. There you should turn left (see the picture below).

Follow the path up a steep hill until you come to a sign showing the direction to the first viewpoint (Mirador).

Here you can take a lunch break while you admire the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and a gorge below.

Then return to the sign. On the return trip, follow the direction of the top sign for Tárbena, the one that also leads to Es Pou.

It starts with a stony, relatively narrow path.

Follow the sign for Tárbena (straight ahead and downwards) at the crossroads where they are building a water reservoir for the village.

The path leads down to the main road where you turn right. After 50 metres, you turn right onto the gravel road that leads down to Tárbena and the car park.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: Hike in the mountains at Tárbena in the Alicante region

Suitable for: Anyone in normal physical shape. This is an easy and relatively short trip.

Duration: approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours - approx. 6 km long.

Get there: Plot "Tárbena" on Google Maps or: Follow the CV-715 to Tárabena, either from Benidorm or via the Jalondalen. Take the Tárbena exit. Follow the signs for parking on the right side after approx. 100 m. Go back approx. 50 meters and take the first road on the left. Here the hike starts at an information sign with a map of the route.

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