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Alaska - flower park in the archipelago

On Nord Långö in the archipelago just off Strömstad is a small park with a small beach. Here you can moor with your own boat, or come with the "Alaska boat".

The plant was made by Hilma Svedahl (1870-1965) in the late 1920s. She returned to her hometown after 30 years in the United States where, among other things, she was a gold digger in Alaska.

Together with local masons and stone cutters, she created her flower paradise with terraces, pavilions, bridges, railings and walls, inspired by her experiences in Alaska.

The place became a popular outing place, and when in 1934 she also made an inn "Golden Inn", it completely took off. Thousands of guests came every year.

After her death, the plant fell into disrepair, and now there is only a summer café left, but there you can buy Alaska beer, sandwiches, pastries, ice cream and drinks.

From 1990 the municipality of Strömstad made an effort to restore the place, and now it is popular again.

Here you can walk around and look at the flowers, walk up to the terrace to admire the view, or swim on the beach.

In the cool Nordic summers, the wind has a lot to say. Alaska is well protected from wind from the west and south, but not from the east (offshore wind).

But when it blows from the east, you can get shelter on the other side of the island. There is a pleasant trail through the forest.

If you follow it, you will first reach the Golden Gate.

Then you come out on a large plain with beach and swimming facilities.

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Excursion of the Week: Alaska on North Långö

Suitable for: Everyone. Not for stroller or wheelchair.

Get there: With your own boat you turn right into Lånörännan when sailing out of Strömstad harbor. Alaska is on the left after passing the strait between Sör Långö and Nord Långö.

If you do not have your own boat, you can take the archipelago boat from the northern port of Strømstad. It takes about 20 minutes. The boat has its own departure sign on the dock in the harbor. There are fixed departure times in the summer.

For group events or out-of-season trips there: +46 706058176

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