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Selläter - Strømstad coastal hiking

The coastal path from the picturesque fishing port Selläter to Strømstad city passes through several beautiful beaches. Here you can take in the scent of the sea and enjoy the view of Bohuslän's archipelago accompanied by the sounds of seagulls.

The horseshoe-shaped port of Selläter is well protected from wind and waves. Selläter beach is the first you'll meet when you start on the coastal path.

Along the first part of the coastal path, you pass several small piers.

And later more beaches, like this one in Båtsviken.

Because the beaches are shallow, small moloes have been built to facilitate immersion.

There are several viewpoints along the way where you can see the inner archipelago and even the Koster Islands.

In some places there are benches.

The trip ends at the bridge to Nøtholmen.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Hike along the beaches between Selläter og Strømstad.

Lengde: Ca 3 km

Suitable for: All ages.

Get there: If you start from Strømstad, you can park in the large car park at the pier in the city center or in the parking lot nearby the cable ferry to Nötholmen. Take the cable ferry over to the other side and then go left past the spa hotel. Continue right through the settlement on Nötholmsgatan. Go straight ahead when Nötholmsgatan turns right and walk between the buildings until you reach the point where the coastal path starts. Follow marked bars for Selläter.

If you start from Nötholmen, you can park at the spa hotel's car park or in the marina just before (Marieholm). Follow the description above.

If you want to start from Selläter, turn right towards Selläter in the first roundabout after taking off from the E6 exit north to Strømstad. Then follow the signs for Selläter (generally straight ahead all the time until you reach the sea). Park in the parking lot on the right side just before the marina. The coastal path starts here. Follow the path/road along the beach towards Strømstad. The coastal path is marked with signs all the way to Nötholmen.

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