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Sculpture exhibition in Benidorm

At the poniente beach in Benidorm, there is now a sculpture exhibition by the artist Jiménez Deredia. It will remain in place until 1 March 2025.

The exhibition is free and is part of the street scene at the longest beach in Benidorm - Poniente beach.

You will find the sculptures at street level by the covered part of the beach.

Seven large sculptures by the artist have been set up - two in white stone and five in black metal. There are also boards with information about the sculptor and his art.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Benidorm and Valencia. The consistent theme is aesthetically beautiful soft, round shapes - which form a contrast to the hard lines in the rest of the cityscape.

The beautiful surroundings make this a special experience out in the open.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The sculpture exhibition on the poniente beach in Benidorm

Suitable for: Everyone. Wheelchairs and prams are fine.

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