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Kolsåstoppen - a nearby mountain hike

The extinct volcano that still guards NATO's old underground facility gives you great exercise and great views of practically all of Bærum and large parts of the inner Oslofjord. Twenty to thirty minutes quick walk brings you to Bærum's best viewpoint.

The steep side at the west side is a favorite training site for mountain climbers. The routes on the south side are more family friendly, and the view on the top is equally good. You can get to the top from several sides of the hill. From Hauger Station there is a relatively wide path.

Arrival from Gjettum Station gives you narrower trails and a little longer forest hike.

The roads and trails are well signalled.

Towards the top, the climb is steeper. Here there are stairs with railing in the most exposed places.

A little climbing will be necessary, but there are no dangerous or difficult parties.

One foggy days sun can shine on Kolsåstoppen. Then it's like hovering on a cloud and the hills around appear like islands in a white sea.

On days of clear weather you can see all the way to Nesodden and Drøbak.

On the downhill road you can enjoy the beautiful forest nature.

In spring you'll find dog violets and wood anemones.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Kolsåstoppen.

Length: Approximately 2 kilometers. Duration: about 30 minutes ascent in medium speed. Slightly shorter time down.

If you want a longer trip you can go east and follow the path to the opposite side of Kolsåstoppen, head down towards Stein farm and return to Hauger along Dælivann. It will take a couple of hours.

Difficulty: Children down to 2-3 years of age can make the trip. It is steep in some places, but not dangerous or difficult.

Getting there: The easiest way is from Hauger Metro Station on the Kolsåsbanen. Follow Høgåsveien for about 50 meters. Turn right and follow Kløftaveien until it hits Toppåsveien. Turn left and follow Toppåsveien until it approaches its top point. There you will find the signposted tour to Kolsåstoppen. Then follow the marked road/path.

You can also get there from Gjettum Metro Station. Follow Gjettumveien up the hill and walk into Hvitveisstien that crosses the Blåveisstien path. Then, turn right up to the Levretoppen and follow this road to it's end. There you will find signs for the KIF cabin and Kolsåstoppen.

Challenge: Can you find this on your way?

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