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Huk on Bygdøy

A short bus journey heading west from the city center you will find the park- and beach area Huk - one of the most popular bathing spots in Oslo.

It belongs to Bygdøy where you can also find the Norwegian Folk Museum, Kon-tiki, Fram and a number of other museums.

The beach area has both sandy beaches and stone beaches with slate layers typical of the Oslo Fjord.

In the far north-west there is a separate beach for nude bathing (naturists).

Between the naturist beach and the main beach, there is a private beach that you can pass but not stay on.

Bygdøy is located right next to the shipping route for Oslo Harbour.Therefore, you often get to see ferries, cruise ships and cargo ships pass by at close range.

Huk is a popular place for excursions for school classes, families and hikers.

It has both a swimming beach, lawns and a large park with trees and benches.

There is a newly built restaurant and good toilets.

Huk is particularly popular in the summer, but is also a nice recreation area in the winter.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: Huk at Bygdøy

Suitable for: Everyone, including wheelchair users and prams

Length: approx. 500 meters to walk from the car park.

Get there: Search for Huk beach (Oslo) on Google maps. There is a fairly large parking lot at the entrance to the park.There is also a bus stop for route 30 to the center and Nydalen.

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