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Hike from Xirles to Callosa

From the small village of Xirles near Polop in the Alicante region, an old country road runs to the slightly larger village of Callosa d'en saria.

On this route you get an impression of what the roads were like 50-100 years ago - narrow, winding and not always asphalted. But then you don't see many cars either.

The hike starts at the small village of Xirles - which is worth a visit in itself. Here you will find narrow picturesque streets that were built before the car had been invented.

The route starts on the east side of the village at the end of the car park along the road that runs on the south side of the village. Here you will find a sign showing the way.

The first part of the route is paved and in relatively good condition. After a few hundred meters you can see Callosa in the distance to the left of the Sierra Bernia mountain.

Gradually the asphalt disappears and the road becomes narrower. At the bottom of the valley there is a bridge over a small river. After this you should turn left.

At the next crossroads you come to, go straight ahead. Then just follow the road straight ahead until you reach Callosa.

The valley is green and lush with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. On the way up again on the other side of the valley there are orange plantations.

It is a rather steep and long ascent to Callosa.

When you reach the main road into Callosa d'en Sarià, turn right to enter the center of town.

Continue straight ahead for approx. 600 meters until you come to a major intersection. There you turn left to get up to the church, which is approx. 200 meters up a hill.

At the church square, there is a cafe that can be a suitable place to take a break before the return trip.

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Excursion of the week: Hike from Xirles to Callosa D'en Sarià

Suitable for: Anyone in normal good physical shape. Wheelchairs and prams are fine.

Duration: The hike is 4 km from Xirles to the beginning of Callosa. From there it is 800 meters to the church square. The round-trip distance from Xirles to the church square in Callosa is therefore 9.6 km. It is a relatively long and strenous climb from the valley up to Callosa and similarly from the valley up to Xirles on the way back. The hike will therefore take 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending on how physically fit you are.

Getting there: Take the N-332 exit at Benidorm towards la Nucía CV-70. Drive past la Nucía and continue through Polop. After Polop there is a sign for Xirles. Follow these until you reach the entrance to the village. Here there are plenty of parking spaces both on the left side and along the road to the right that runs along the south side of the village. The hike starts at the end of this parking lot. Here there is a sign for Callosa D'en saria. The road there is drivable, but is better suited for hiking.

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