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From Relleu to Sella

From Relleu cemetery there is a signposted path to the Sella valley. Here you get a view of the mountains around Relleu, the Sella mountain and the Sella valley.

Park the car at the cemetery on the northeast side of Relleu. You will now make a round trip, first up a valley from Relleu, then over a small plateau, then across to the other side to a valley that offers a view of the Sella, and finally back to Relleu.

Walk 50 - 60 meters along the paved road towards Relleu and then turn right onto the steep paved road shown in the picture below.

The concrete path leads relatively steeply up a ridge with a steady rise of approx. 1 kilometer.

You will soon get a nice view of the village Relleu with the ruins of the castle at the top.

Eventually you also get a good view of the valley with terraced agriculture on the sunny side and beautiful mountains in the background.

In February/March, the almond trees grown here bloom.

The concrete road eventually turns into a dirt road. Closer to the top, the path runs on flat terrain.

Eventually you will come to an open space. The tour continues on the other side, but first you should detour to a viewpoint.

Follow the path that leads to the right, at the beginning of the open space. Continue along the hillside in the direction back to Relleu.

After a couple of hundred meters you come to an open space that offers a view of Relleu and the surroundings.

Here it may be appropriate to take a break. You are now halfway there.

Then return to the open space. Cross this and follow the path that goes over to the Sella valley.

As soon as you cross to the other side, a beautiful landscape opens up with terraced agriculture where almond and olive trees are grown.

At the bottom of the valley you can see the village of Sella and the Sella mountain on the upper left.

At the first intersection you come to, turn sharply to the right and follow the marked path (yellow and white) that leads back to Relleu.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Round trip from Relleu to Selladalen

Duration: The route is a round trip of a total of 8.4 kilometers which takes approx. 3 hours to walk. It is marked with yellow/white and is easy to find. There are no hazardous parts. The first climb is somewhat strenuous, but the rest of the trip is pleasant. The highest point is 719 m. You climb 250 meters from the car park.

Suitable for: Anyone in normal physical shape. People with lung or heart disease should take it easy on the first climb.

Getting there: The easiest way is to enter "Cementeri Relleu Municipal" on Google Maps. You will then come directly to the car park. Otherwise, you can follow this description:

From the AP-7 motorway, take the exit for Villajoyosa. Follow CV-770 and signs for Orxeta.

From the N-332, take the Villajoyosa Centro exit and then follow the CV-770 and the signs for Orxeta.

Pass Orxeta and continue towards Sella on the CV-770. Turn right at the exit signposted to Relleu, just before you reach Sella. Continue along the CV-775 until you reach Relleu. Just before you enter the center of town, a road turns sharply upwards to the right next to a large gray block. Follow this road until you reach a downhill slope on the northeast side of Relleu. As soon as you start the descent to Relleu, a road turns left to Parc Bomberi. It leads to a burial site. You can park your car here.

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