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Fonts de l'algar - natural water park

Updated: May 4, 2021

In the mountains a few miles from Alicante on the Costa Blanca, an underground river - Rio Algar - rises to the surface. Here it forms pools, streams and waterfalls.

The water has traveled underground for almost 10 miles from the mountains further inland where the temperature is much lower. Therefore, the area is also called the cold springs.

For people from the north, the water feels fine, around 18 degrees, a very normal bathing temperature in the Scandinavia. But in Spain this is exotic cold.

The place is well known and therefore many people visit it too. Unless you are very early, you are not alone anywhere. But it doesn't feel crowded either.

The area is well laid out with stairs and handrails so it is safe to walk there.

You can follow the river well inland, but those who run the place only take responsibility for your safety up to a certain limit.

If you choose to continue, you do so at your own risk. That's what some do, and it's not considered particularly dangerous. You have to swim underwater a short distance and should be sure to endure such a manuever.

Although it is possible to walk barefoot, it makes sense to bring bathing shoes. It is more comfortable.

When it is above 30 degrees in the air, as it is often here in the summer, it is comfortably cool to wade in the shade of the trees.

Or you can sit down and take a break in the water.

In many places, nature has created bathing areas with natural showers.

Elsewhere, the water runs more slowly.

It is also possible to walk in a canal along the hillside. Here there are nice views to the surrounding mountains.

The facility is fenced and it costs 5 euros for adults and 2 euros for children to enter. Then you can be there all day if you want.

There is a small restaurant on site, and many just outside, but it is also possible to bring food and drink.

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Excursion of the week: Fonts de l ´Algar

Suitable for: Everybody. Not suitable for stroller or wheelchair.

Finne frem: Drive N-332 to Benidorm. Take the exit for Benidorm and Polop. Follow CV-70 and later CV-715 until you reach La Nucía. Drive through La Nucía and continue on to Polop. Continue past Polop and then past Callosa. Just after Callosa, there is a sign for Les Fonts de l'Algar. Follow the signs until you reach a series of parking lots. The earlier in the morning you arrive, the closer to the entrance you can park since the nearest parking spaces are filled first.

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