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Rio Algar - along the river at Altea

At the eastern end of the picturesque coastal town of Altea, the Rio Algar flows into the sea. Here, a walking path has been made along both sides of the river course.

The trip starts at the car park by the beach promenade in Altea. Follow the beach to the east (direction Valencia) until you reach the outlet of the Rio Algar.

There you look straight across to the cliff of Calpe. The outlet of the river forms a wide area with shallow water where many kinds of birds thrive.

Follow the river inland on the path just by the shore. After a few hundred meters you come to a road. Cross the road and go under the bridge on the other side.

Follow the hiking trail along the river.

In most places, the river is not visible from the hiking trail, but the lush vegetation shows where the waterway goes.

In several places it is also possible to take a detour from the hiking trail to get down to the river.

Along the route there are good views of the Sierra Bèrnia mountain range.

Information boards have been set up in several places.

When you come to a bridge over the river, there are signs for a gravel road that continues along the river (straight ahead) and for the continuation of the walking path (over the bridge - green sign).

If you continue straight ahead, you will be able to walk several kilometers on a gravel road in a lush landscape. You first walk on a paved road that crosses under the highway.

This is a great route for cycling. After a couple of kilometers you come to a dam, but the road continues further inland.

If you turn right at the sign and follow the road over the bridge, you can follow a walking path on the other side of the river back to the starting point so that it becomes a round trip.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Lower part of the Rio Algar at Altea

Duration: This is a short trip. It will take 45 minutes - 1 hour, approx. 6 kilometers

Suitable for: Flat terrain, easy to walk or cycle.

Get there: Follow the N-332 to Altea. Take off in the city center to get down to the car park by the seafront. Park there. Follow the road / walking path along the beach until you reach areas where the Rio Algar empties into the sea.

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