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Dénia - popular coastal town

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Between the major cities Alicante and Valencia lies the small coastal town Dénia with picturesque streets and beautiful beaches.

Of all the cities in Spain with less than 50,000 inhabitants, Dénia receives the most summer tourists. In winter, the population is 42,000, in summer over 200,000.

The city is named after the Roman god Diana. Roman forces built a naval base here in the first century BC and called it Dianium. (Start the trip at the tourist office in the building in the photo above. Then you have the Castle behind and the old city at the left.)

Later, the city has been an important commercial center, as well as the local population feeding on fishing. Now tourism is most important.

The city is known for its tasty food and has more than three hundred restaurants. Especially in the summer it has a bustling nightlife. Out of season it is more peaceful.

The main attraction is El Castillo, the fortress castle which was built in the 11th and 12th centuries.

Here archaeological excavations are still being carried out, including former settlements and city walls.

From the castle you have magnificent views of both the city, the beaches, and the mountains within. Dénia is located just off the Montgo Nature Reserve.

The harbor has long traditions and is a popular destination for those who enjoy boating. Not far away is Baix la mar with the traditional houses of fishermen and picturesque squares.

There is also a museum on the castle that is worth visiting.

Here you can see pictures of how the city and the castle looked in earlier times when fishing and trade were the main industries.

Due to favorable wind conditions, the beaches are popular among wind surfers. The city has a total of twenty kilometers of shoreline.

The beaches are of high quality and have good environmental grades for clean beaches and clean water.

Excursion of the Week: Dénia

Suitable for: Everybody.

Get ther: Take AP-7 or N-332 in the direction from Alicante to Valencia. The AP-7 motorway is much faster than the N-332, but requires tolls. At the Dénia exit, follow the CV-725. Follow the signs to the city center.

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