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Biar - the honey town

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The village of Biar has an interesting history. It was in the middle of an area that both the Moors and Spaniards fought. The ownership changed several times, and it has put its mark on the city. Each new owner built on an extra floor with its architecture on the castle tower to mark its ownership.

The city's church - la Iglesia de la Asunción - is an important part of the old town of this well-preserved medieval city.

Kirken i Biar rett før soloppgang

Biar means either "a place with a lot of water" or "a place with a lot of bees". The first option is considered most likely because the Vinalopó River is close by, but Biar was also a major producer of honey at the time.

Gamlebyen i Biar

Traditionally, the city has had textile industry, shoe production and ceramics. There are still some pottery shops left, but now tourism and service industries have become more important.

Gamle hus i Biar

Narrow cobblestone streets with small, picturesque houses are abundant in the old town.

Dekorert hus i Biar

Some have decorated their house with ceramic crafts.

Utsikt til borgen i Biar

From the castle you have views in all directions to the surrounding areas. The city is located 700 meters above sea level.

Utsiktspunkt nedenfor borgen i Biar før soloppgang

The church is built in Gothic style in the sixteenth century. The tower was constructed in the eighteenth century by El Maestro Juan Blas Aparicio. The town hall is located in a building on the other side of the church square.

La Iglesia de la Asunción

The church is open for visits all year round. Inside it is beautifully decorated.

Innsiden av La Iglesia de la Asunción

Innsiden av La Iglesia de la Asunción

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The excursion of the week: The medieval town Biar

Suitable for: Everybody, but more for adults than for children. If you want to walk the slopes up to the castle, you better take it easy if you have a heart or lung problems.

Attractions: The canal of the Vinalopó River, the Town Hall, the Santuario de la Virgen de Gracia, the very rare banana tree of Biar, one of Spain's largest and oldest (200 years), the church - La Iglesia de la Asunción, and the castle - the Castillo de Biar.

Getting there: Drive A-31 towards Madrid from Alicante. Turn right at Villena and then follow CV-799 to Biar. It is just a few kilometers from the highway.

Challenge: Can you find this on your way?

Naturlig drikkevannkilde i Biar


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