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Øverlandselva - a green lung in Bærum

Large parts of Bærum are densely built-up, but there are still some green spaces. One of these is the route from Øverland farm to Sandvika along the Øverland River.

Øverlandselva starts at Østernvann in Fossum and ends in Engervannet at Sandvika in Bærum. Along the river, nice walking paths have been created.

The green area along the river is not wide, and it is rarely far from the nearest house, but when you follow the path, you still feel that you are out in nature.

In several places along the route, benches have been set up on which you can relax while listening to birdsong and the gurgling of the river.

The area has a rich bird life. This is due both to the fact that the mixed forest with hardwoods and conifers provides a good environment for many species of birds, and that a number of bird boxes have been set up which make nesting safer and easier.

In spring and early summer, it is also easy to see many of the species because they stay close to the nest.

The river provides abundant access to insects. It provides a good basis for many insect-eating bird species such as the chaffinch...

... the Eurasian Nuthatch ...

... and gray flycatchers, and that makes the area a favorite place for bird enthusiasts.

In several places you get right down to the river.

Information signs have been set up in several places where you can read about the history of the river and the area.

At both ends of the route there is a poster with an overview of information about the river and the route.

As you approach Sandvika, the hiking trail becomes a little wider, and there are often a little more people. But even in the most hectic periods, there is plenty of space and peace.

The route starts at the car park at Øverland farm.

Follow the paved road past the kindergarten (on the left in the picture) as far as it goes (a couple of hundred metres). There is an outdoor training area close to the nursery.

Where the road is blocked by a large lattice gate, the path starts (on the left in the picture below).

Follow the path into the forest and turn left when the path splits in two (see picture below).

Følg stien inn i skogen og ta til venstre når stien skiller seg i to (se bildet nedenfor).

But where the hiking trail crosses the Bærumsveien at Haslum, you come up to the main road. If there is little traffic, you can venture straight across the road where the river continues, otherwise you have to go around the underpass at the Esso station a couple of hundred meters away.

More excursions:

This week's excursion: The hiking trail along the Øverland river from Øverland gård to Sandvika.

Length: The route from Øverland farm to Sandvika is 6.2 km long if you walk all the way along Engervannet to Sandvika station.

Fits everyone. There are no demanding parties.

Get there: Google search: Øverland exit parking.

Park the car at Øverland exit parking and follow the paved road west by the kindergarten.

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