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Strömstad - the beach Hålkedalsbadet

Perhaps Strömstad's least known beach, but perfect in northern wind. Just behind Strömstad's camping you will find an area with a small beach.

The swimming resort has both a sandy beach, a diving tower and a lawn where you can enjoy the sun.

Dette er ikke et annonsert sted, og du vil ikke finne noen skilt til det. Det er rett og slett en liten hemmelighet.

At the back you will find an area where you can seek shade under the trees on the hottest days. You can also walk past the beach into the woods.

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Excursion of the week: Hålkedalsbadet in Strömstad

Suitable for: Everyone. Handicapped parking, toilet, bathing pier with stairway, lawn, sandy beach.

Get there: Turn left at the first roundabout after taking off the E6 to Strømstad Nord. Follow Rv 176 (the old road to Uddevalla) for about 3 kilometers. Drive straight ahead over the first roundabout you reach and turn left a few hundred meters later where you see the Meconomen on the right. Park your car there. Walk across the road to the Meconomen and follow the little paved road westward. After 300-400 meters you will reach a beach on the left. There are also two parking spaces for the disabled.

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