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Strömstad - Seläterbadet beach

Just outside the center of Strömstad there is a child safe beach area which is also adapted for the disabled. In the area there a water slide is included.

The shoreline extends over several hundred meters, from the small, idyllic fishing port of Seläter to the settlement in Monelid. Here the water is shallow and safe for children.

At the end towards Seläter harbor there is a nice little sandy beach and a course for sand volleyball.

At the other end there is a large grassy area and a small sandy beach, as well as a kiosk, a jetty with a diving tower and a water slide.

It is also arranged for disabled people to get out into the water. Here you can rely on handrails if you can walk, or borrow a wheelchair from the kiosk if you need one.

Both at the pier and along the rocky part of the beach it is good for the kids to catch beach crabs.

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Excursion of the week: Seläterbadet i Strömstad

For: Everyone. Wheelchair accessible.

Get there: When driving E6 south from the Norwegian border, take the first exit to Strömstad (Strömstad Nord). Turn right at the first roundabout you come to (at the junction with Eurocash). Then follow the signs and the road straight ahead until you reach a campsite on the right. Continue up the hill and over the hilltop. There you will see a sign for Monelid on the left. Turn left here to get down to the part of the beach where the water slide and the jetty are. Continue straight until you reach a large car park right by the sea. If you want to park near the other end of the beach, do not take to Monelid, but continue straight ahead until you reach the sea. There is a small parking lot on the left.

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