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Kongens utsikt - The King's view - Krokskogen

All the way west in Krokskogen you will find a view point where you have a view of large parts of Ringerike and Hole with the Gaustadtoppen, Blefjell and Norefjell on the horizon.

Kongens utsikt (The King's view), located directly above the Sundvollen at 487 meters above sea level, has been named after King Karl Johan who visited the site in 1832.

The platform was built a few years after the royal visit. To get there, you can walk up Krokkleiva from Sundvollen. Krokkleiva is the old Oslo-Bergen King's Road.

The old Bergen King's Road was inaugurated in 1793. It went from the old town in Oslo over the Lommedalen and on to Hole and down the Krokkleiva.

The Krokkleiva is relatively steep, and you get a rise of almost 400 meters.

The road is now protected and marks and boards with historical information have been set up in several places.

Along the way there is also a stream with small waterfalls.

One of the boards mentions an accident in which a doctor died after losing control of the horse and carriage in the steep downhill on the way home from a homevisit to a patient.

The old stone walls on the sides of the road have been restored in several places, and work is still ongoing to preserve this cultural heritage.

At the top you reach Kleivstua. About 200 meters below it lies the "Queen's View" named after Karl Johan's wife who visited the site in 1825.

From Kleivstua the road continues to the King's view in a marked path of approximately one kilometer.

When standing on the platform, it is easy to understand why King Karl Johan was captivated.

If you want a shorter and more comfortable hike, you can drive up Dronningveien from Sundvollen to Kleivstua. Then you will also get to see the "Crown Prince's view" which is as nice as the King's and the Queen's views. It is located 395 meters above sea level and offers great views of the Ringerike with the Tyrifjorden, the Steinsfjorden and the peninsula of Røyse.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Kongens utsikt - the King's view - at Sundvollen

Length: 3,3 kilometer

For: Everyone in normal physical shape. Not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers.

Get there: From Oslo, take the E18 towards Drammen. When you reach Sandvika turn right onto E-16 towards Hønefoss. Continue straight ahead until you reach Sundvollen. In the turn before reaching the bridge over the water, turn right just next to a gas station, then turn right again at the first intersection into Dronningveien.

If you want to walk the Krokkleiva, you can park either at Sundvollen oppvekstsenter which is on the right hand side after a few hundred meters, or you can continue a few hundred meters to where there is a small parking lot to the right of the road. From here there is a path to Krokkleiva and the Kongens utsikt (the King's view).

If you want to drive to Kleivstua and go from there, just continue straight ahead on Dronningveien until you reach Kleivstua. You have to pay 25 kroner to pass.

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