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Capri - Strømstad's nicest beach?

Strømstad has many nice beaches, but those of Capri are perhaps the most beautiful. Here you can see the "Sekken" and the archipelago that merges with the Hvalerøyene on the Norwegian side.

Capri is a nature conservation area with a distinctive nature. Here you will find both a sandy beach and a beach with smooth rocks. If you want to lie in the shade of a tree and look out over the sea, you can retreat to the open pine forest right behind the sandy beach.

Or you can find a place behind the reeds.

Or go over to the other side of the pier where there is a larger area of ​​smooth, warm rocks.

When the sun is approaching the horizon, the pebbles and smooth rocks are still hot. There are no mountains or hills that shadows. The sun sets in the ocean or in the low islands on the horizon.

Between the beach with the smooth rocks and the sandy beach there is an area of ​​time-share cabins. Here you can buy access for a few weeks a year, or just rent if you wish. Most of the cabins have sea view.

Buches and grass tell a story of a tough climate, but when it's blowing from the east, it's virtually windless. If you want to go for a walk, you have a pretty big area to enjoy with varied scenery. Even in high season there is plenty of space. Here you do not have to queue.

Capri holiday village is located right behind the conservation area. Here you can rent a cottage for a weekend or a week or buy yourself a share in a particular cabin by the time share principle at the most affordable prices.

Excursion of the week: The beach of Capri nearby Strømstad.

Suitable for: All ages. Good facilities for small children.

Activities: There are plenty of hiking oportunities nearby. There is an area with play equipment for children, and there is both a tennis court, a basketball court and a miniature golf court you can rent. In the season you can buy crabs on the dock. At Källviken holiday village which is only a few hundred meters away (on the way back to Strømstad) you can eat pizza and buy ice cream. You can also stay in one of the cabins or in one of the rooms.

Getting there: After exiting E-6 to Strømstad Nord, turn right towards Seläter in the first roundabout you reach. Then drive straight ahead (follow signs for Seläter) until you reach a steep downhill. There you turn right into the road signposted to Capri. Follow this road as far as it goes. Parks in the parking lot which is a few meters from the beach.

Contakt: If you want to buy or rent a cabin, phone +46 52613940, e-mail rec@brfcapri or go to

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