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The Christmas house in Ski

One of the most Christmas-decorated houses in the Oslo region is located on the E18 just after the Da Vinci bridge in Ski Municipality. Bring a child or a grandson if you want to get in the right mood for Christmas.

Julehuset på Ski

Julenisser, snømenn og reinsdyr med slede på Julehuset i Ski

Den store julenissen ved Julehuset på Ski

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Excursion of the week (only December): The Christmas house in Ski

Suitable for: All playful people, especially children.

Getting there: From Oslo, drive the E6 towards Gothenburg. Take off at the exit to Ski at Tusenfryd. Follow the E18 towards Stockholm a few kilometers until you have passed the Da Vinci Bridge. Stop at the first street kitchen on the right side and park there. The house is just off the road, you can not miss it. Take a hamburger if you are hungry.

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