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Villajoyosa - Benidorm - path with sea view and surprises

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Do you consider a two hours hike with non-stop sea view to the lovely blue mediterranean and one of the most beautiful coastlines of Spain a good idea, you should try the route between Villajoyosa and Benidorm. Bring your swimming suit or go for a naked swim.

Being almoust halfway between Benidorm and Villajoyosa, the beach of Torres on the picture over is a natural place for a rest . Here you can enjoy a refreshment on the restaurant at the camping site nearby.

You may of course hike the route either way, but in this post it's described from Villajoyosa. If you park your car near the harbour, you can follow the path along the beach towards Benidorm until the end of the path. Take the last staircase up to the plateau above the beach. Go around the house to the cliff boarder at the other side of the house and continue towards Benidorm.

If you care for a swim all by your self before you climb the staircase, you'll find this idyllic place at the end of the path.

Dangerous parts of the path are secured by fences.

On our way you'll find beautiful bays with lovely small beaches. Just take care on your way down. The bay on the photo over is an exception. It's got an easy access, but in this area naked people poppng up from bushes and rocks may give you a surprise.

If you go down to the nude beach, you can continue along the coast line to Benidorm. You'll then pass the old wachtower of Benidorm. If you choose to skip the nude beach, you can continue right ahead and will then soon reach Benidorm.

The "Manhatten look" of Benidorm will meet you when you start the descent.

The first beach you'll reach is owned by the municipalities of Villajoyosa (Cala de Villajoyosa) and Finestrat (Cala de Finestrat). If you ask anyone about the border between these two municipalities, you'll probably not get an answer. They don't matter anymore, but Finestrat owns 267 meter of the coastline due to historical reasons. In the medieval period when pirates were a permanent threat, the coastline municipalities needed all the help they could get to protect their land. By giving the municipality of Finestrat a tiny part of the beach, they obtained their participation.

More excursions: www.turideer.com

This weeks excursion - and answer to the question what to do to day?: Hike between Villajoyosa og Benidorm.

Degree of difficulty: Children down to 3-4 years of age will cope if you take your time. Only the beginning and the end of the trip will be suitable for wheelchair users. The terrain is varied and somewhat hilly, but the paths are nice.

Length: Approximately 8 kilometers - about 1 1/2 - 2 hours walk for adults.

Getting there: Park as close to Cala de Finestrat as possible if you want to hike from Benidorm to Villajoyosa. Park close to the harbour in Villajoyosa if you want to hike from Villajoyosa to Benidorm, or leave your car in the parking house under the beach in Villajoyosa to include the beach promenade and the lovely beach of Villajoyosa.

From Benidorm: Follow the sidewalk on the road that climbs the hill on the western part of the beach in Cala de Finestrat. When you reach the end of the settlement, follow the path to the left. When you reach a path crossing, you can either hike to the whatchtower (to the left) or hike along the coast to the right. After that you just follow the path until you reach Villajoyosa.

From Villajoyosa: Follow the sidewalk/path along the beach from the harbour of Villajoyosa towards Benidorm as long as possible. When the sidewalk ends, take the last staircase on the left up to the upper plateau. Go around the house to the cliff border at the other side of the house and continue along the coast line to Benidorm (direction east). The first beach you'll reach will be the beach of Torres.

Recommended: There are many nice restaurants in Cala de Finestrat as well as in the harbour of Villajoyosa. If you want to hike one way only, you can return by taxi to 12-13 Euros or take a local bus for one and a half.

Challenge: Where is this?

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