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The Ecoparc in Strömstad

Right next to the recycling facility (Återvinningscentralen) at Prestengen in Strömstad you will find a well hidden natural pearl - an ecopark.

Here plants and animals are allowed to live in peace, and conditions have been laid down to enable all parts of the ecosystem to thrive.

In the forest there are hundreds of different species of beetles and other insects that you can read about on the posters set up along the path through the forest.

A marked trail leads you through a tour where you encounter both open terrain and dense forest.

The area consists of a small fjord arm and a forest. The beach along the water is easily accessible in winter, but covered in high reeds in the summer.

When the storm is just around the corner, the water gets a magical illumination.

At the end of the fjord, there is a bird watching tower.

Inside you will find what you need to identify birds.

Thousands of birds breed in the spring.

Close by is a feeding station for small birds.

Here you will find birds all year round, and they are so tame and used to being watched that even playful toddlers can see them.

An avid woodpecker is a faithful guest.

When you go this round you are never far from neither the garbage facility nor the south entrance to Strömstad. But inside the forest you are in your own protected world.

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: The ecoparc (Ecoparken) at the Recycling Station in Strömstad

Suitable for: All ages, great for toddler families

Duration: It's only a couple of kilometers, but plan to use 1-2 hours

Get there: Take the E6 to Strömstad. Coming from the north exit, turn left at the first roundabout (where Europris and Systembolaget are). Follow this road (ring road 176) until you reach a new roundabout. Drive stright ahead past this one, but turn left immediately afterwards. Then you will enter a large parking lot close to the Recycling Station. Park your car there and head towards the Recycling Station. Just before the gate you will see an information sign on the right with a map of the Ecopark. Follow the path. In the first part you will walk along the recycling facility (not very nice, but interesting). When you have passed the recycling facility, the tour begins. If you come from the exit south of the E6, turn left at the first roundabout, and then left again. Then you are in the parking lot at the Ecoparken.

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