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The best beaches in Asker and Bærum

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When the temperature gets comfortable, there are many nice places to swim in the local area. Here are 9 of the best bathing beaches in Asker and Bærum.

Storøyodden beach

Storøyodden bath at Fornebu is a large open area with spacious grassy plains, sandy beaches, kiosk, toilets and bathing jetty. The area is set up as it was before the airport development, with wetlands and trees and shrubs typical of the area. The sandy beach is newly constructed. Although many people live nearby, there is room for everyone even in high season. Plenty of hiking opportunities. Kid friendly. Read more about Storøya and Nansenparken.

Kalvøya (Isle of calves)

Kalvøya just outside Sandvika was in its time purchased as a free area for the population of Bærum. Here you can hike on nice hiking trails, take a swim from the beaches or sunbathe on the large grassy plains. On the east side there is a sheltered beach for those who want to sunbath naked. Read more about Kalvøya here.


The Kadettangen outside Sandvika was reopened last year after the area had been used for landfill from work on the tunnel to E-16 under Sandvika center towards Hønefoss. Thanks to the large amount of rock and gravel, the sandy beach has become much larger, longer and better. In addition, a nice park, a large swan-shaped plunge tower, kiosk, toilets, wardrobes and children's playground have been created. Read more about Kadettangen.


Hvalstrand has always been and remains one of the most popular bathing areas in Asker and Bærum. Here there is a large lawn, sandy beaches, diving tower, jetty, kiosk, restaurant, toilets and rental of canoes and beach boats. Located south and west facing with plenty of room for many. Nice view to inner Oslofjord. Read more about Hvalstrand.


Vollen bath is located just off the idyllic center of Vollen and the Oslo Fjord Museum. The area has a nice shallow sandy beach, a jetty with a diving tower. Toilets close by. Read more about Vollen bath here.


The Rabben is a narrow land with the typical transverse slate found in the Oslofjord. Here there are great opportunities for sunbathing and swimming on both the east and west sides. In some places, it seems as if nature has created a sitting or sleeping area specially adapted for you. Nice view of inner Oslofjord. Has toilets but no other amenities. Located close to Vollen. Read more about Rabben here.

Elnestangen nature reserve

Elnestangen is located a few kilometers from Vollen. The area is located on a headland that can be used for sunbathing and swimming on both sides. On the northeast side there is a jetty and a lawn. On the south side there are rocks and large stones at the beach. This site is ideal in the morning and day until about 4 pm as the sun disappears from here. The rest of the afternoon and evening have sun on the northeast side. Recommend bathing shoes if you want to swim from the beaches. Read more about Elnestangen here.


Sjøstrand bath has a large grassy area, a nice sandy beach, jetty with diving tower, kiosk and toilets. Kid friendly. Facing south and south-east. Read more about Sjøstrand here.


Burudvann is a small lake in the forest in Lommedalen in Bærum. Here you have a nice forest with good hiking opportunities on trails and forest roads. Child-friendly sandy beach (a little mud in the sand) and bathing raft with diving tower. Shade under the trees if you wish. About 15 minutes to walk from the car park. Read more about Burudvann here.

More excursions: www.turideer.com

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