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Strømsvannet - a forgotten wetland

If you want to say hello to cows or just experience a Bohuslän wetland area, you should go to the small conservation area Strømsvannet just off Strømstad city. You probably get the place for yourself, because this seems to be a well-kept secret.

The wetland area around Strømsvannet reminds me of an African savannah. Here, reed, bushes and high grass grow side by side.

It is a good idea to follow the tracs of the animals. Ground carrying a cow will usually withstand the weight of you as well. In the outskirts there are also paths that you can follow, but otherwise you can go all over the place, just pay attention to waterholes.

In some places one can almost get down to the water, especially near the river that runs out in the Lake on the eastern side.

Kyr som betrakter besøkende ved Strømsvannet

The area is used by grazing animals. A herd of 30-40 cows runs freely on pasture. They are very curious and pay close attention to all guests. You are welcome to greet them, but you are advised not to enter the herd. These are big animals.

Nysgjerrige kyr vil hilse på besøkende ved Strømsvannet i Sverige

If you stand still, the cows will come to you. They receive grass, but are most interested in finding out who you are.

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Excursion of the week: Strømsvannet Conservation Area.

Length: It's no problem spending an hour or so just walking around. The length of the hike is up to you. Exciting place for children.

Getting there: Coming from Oslo, take the first exit to Strømstad. Immediately turn left over the highway, then right to enter the old road that runs parallel to the E6 towards Gothenburg. After a few kilometers there will be a sign for a conservation area. Turn right and follow the road over the motorway. Park on the small parking lot and walk to the gate.


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