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Smögen - coastal pearl

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

An hour's drive from Strömstad you will find the old fishing village Smögen where there are still fish auctions and stalls and outlets where you can buy fresh fish and shellfish.

In summer, the city is perhaps the west coast's hippest harbor for small boats.

There are numerous restaurants and shops.

The city center with fishing receptions is in the eastern part. In the western part you will find small wooden houses and a long pier.

If you continue westwards to the end of the pier, you reach a tunnel under the road.

On the other side you will find beautiful coastal environment with organized swimming pools and smooth rocks where you can be all for yourself.

More excursions: www.turideer.com

Excursion of the week: Smögen

Suitable for: Everybody. Sheltered sandy beach for small children. Smooth rocks with swimming ladders.

Get there: Take the E6 from Strömstad towards Gothenburg. Just before Udevalla turn right at the exit marked Smögen. Then follow the signs until you arrive. There are parking spaces both on the east side (the one you come to first) and on the west side. Select the east side if you want to see the fishing receptions and the center. The parking lot on the west side is not that big and fits best if you want to use the swimming area. Continue towards the center and turn right just before entering the city center.

Task: Can you find this spot?

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