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Ranebo friluftsområde - swimming, fishing, canoeing

Half an hour's drive south-east of Strömstad is an outdoor area in Tanum where you can spend the night in a cabin, swim, rent a canoe and fish if you wish.

The area is located right by Bolsjöen, a small lake connected to several other lakes via rivers.

Here it is possible to swim from the sandy beach or jetty. There are several bathing piers along the beaches.

A footbridge has been built on the west side of the water, which makes it easier for people with reduced mobility to get to the bathing areas.

Arrangements have been made for several activities in the area.There is a separate course for Frisby golf (disc golf), and two loops have been made for walking and running.

The red round is 2 kilometers and the yellow is 5.6 kilometres.

Both routes have paths with a pleasant soft forest floor.

In several places you get close to the water.

There are places where arrangements have been made for people to light a fire or barbecue.

Camping is not allowed in the area, but unfortunately some people still do.

The facility is run by Tanums municipality, and you can call +46 525 180 00 to book accommodation or daily rent in the main house or in one of the four cabins.

The main house has a fully equipped kitchen and a dining room with space for 60 people. There is a shower and toilet in the basement.The rent in 2022 is NOK 805 for 6 hours, NOK 1,150 for 12 hours and NOK 2,300 for 24 hours.

The cabins have room for four people. The rent costs NOK 460 per day. It costs NOK 200 per day to rent a canoe. If you want to have the entire facility to yourself to, for example, celebrate a big day, you can rent everything for NOK 3,400 per day.

More excursions:

For: everyone. Wheelchairs and prams can be used.

Get there: Ranebo is located in Tanum municipality a little south of Strömstad. Search for Ranebo outdoor area on Google Maps and follow the instructions to get there. There is a large car park close to the cabins, but there is also a smaller car park a few hundred meters further on where you get closer to the water.

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