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Finestrat - mountain village with sea view

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

A few kilometers from Benidorm, the small mountain village of Finestrat overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The borders of Finestrat municipality extends from the mountains and down to the coast, where it has a shoreline of 267 meters between Benidorm and Villajoyosa. Read more if you want to know why.

For several centuries, Spain's coast to the Mediterranean was plagued with attacks by pirates. It was important that as many as possible participated in the defense of the coast. That's why Finestrat got a little bit of the Mediterranean coast, the so-called Cala de Finestrat. Thus, residents could be called into common guard and defense.

Finestrat was placed on a hill to make defence easier. The old town with the little chapel at the top is located above the base of an Arab castle fortress. The ruins are not visible, but are preserved under the building. The area has been inhabited since 2000 years before Christ's birth.

Along the outer boundary, the houses are located on the edge of the cliff, and some places they hang outside. Such hanging houses are also found in Villajoyosa.

On the way up to Finestrat you get a view of the characteristic pointed, roofed mountain range separating Finestrat from Sella. There is a path from Finestrat to Sella across this area. It is a nice hike of 3-4 hours.

The streets of the old town are narrow and picturesque.

On the top of the old town there is a small park around an old chapel. In the background you seethe 1400 meter high Puig Campana.

From the benches in the park you can enjoy views of the valley and the Mediterranean.

More excursions: www.turideer.com

The excursion of the week: Finestrat.

Difficulty: Accessible to stroller over all, but mind steep slopes.

Adventures: the park, the view, the atmosphere.

Getting there: (see map at bottom) From Altea drive N-332 towards Alicante. Get off at the last exit to Benidorm. The road is marked CV-767 to Finestrat. From Alicante, take the second exit to Villajoyosa. The road is marked CV-759. In both cases, it is only a few kilometers drive from N-332.

Challenge: Can you find this spot?

Challenge for the children: Can you find this sculpture?


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