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Blomsholm - Lull on the Bohusläden

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Bohusläden is a network of hiking trails/roads from Skåne in the south to the Norwegian border in the north. It is linked to coastal trails in Norway in the Halden area.

A little part of this route goes from Blomsholm Nature Reserve to the viewpoint Rogstad Hilleren near the farm called Lull.

Here's also a shed where you can take a break and grill sausages or drink coffee.

The most interesting part of the trip is probably the big cave surrounded by the dark green forest where everything is dressed with moss.

The path starts in farming area and continues in the woods.

The trail is marked with red markings and is easy to follow. For a while you go on a gravel road, and at Lull you have to move close up to the red buildings to get past.

In this part of the year, enjoy the nice autumn colors.

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Excursion of the week: Bohusläden from Blomsholm to Lull

Duration: One and a half hour - approximately 3 kilometers each way

Suitable for: Everyone. Nice trip for small children. Not suitable for stroller or wheelchair.

Get there: Follow E6 from the border and take off to Strömstad north at Blomsholmsmotet. Turn left and then left again to enter the old road to Norway along the E6. Continue towards Norway for 300-400 meter, then turn right towards Nesinge and Blomsholm. Park at the right side of the road near the first farm at about 400 meters. The trip starts at the end of the parking lot where you will find a small stream and a bridge. Pass the bridge and follow the trail towards the stone formations. Continue right forwards towards the woods. Thereafter follow the trail until you reach a gravel road where you should turn left. The gravel road will bring you to a small farm with red houses. The trail continues through the woods close to the houses. After a few hundred meters you will find the cave and thereafter the viewpoint.

Challenge: Can you locate this rock?

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