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Bjørnerødpiggen - on historical grounds

Are you looking for a hike in an open forest with a hint of mountains which there is more to than just the beautiful scenery? Bring your children or grandchildren and let them lead the way to the top of the Bjørnerødpiggen.

Utsikt fra Bjørnerødpiggen

On the way up you will find remains of old 19th century quarries. Large symmetrical blocks of stone were cut out by hand. Krokstrand, located close by, was a major producer and exporter of stone from 1870-1930.

Fun for the kids to lead the hike by finding marks on trees and rocks.

In some areas you get the feeling of walking in the mountains.

Bart glattslipt berg ved Bjørenrødspiggen

Varder på svaberg ved Bjørnerødpiggen

Utsiktstårn ved Bjørnerødspiggen

The journey's goal is a view tower that is exciting to climb. When the view is good, you can see both Halden, Sandefjord and the Idefjord where the border between Norway and Sweden goes. The mountain is only 222 meters above sea level, but is the highest point on the Bohusleden.

Gapahuk og grillplass på Bjørnerødpiggen

If you bring a sandwich or something to barbecue, you can have a nice break on the top.

Gravplass fra bronsealderen på Bjørnerødpiggen

Just off the view tower there is a graveyard from the 17th century.

Forelskede trær i skogen ved Bjørnerødpiggen

The first task for the children on the downturn is to find the trees in love. What does the man do? Defends his girlfriend or does he try to embrace her?

Tjærn ved Bjørnerødpiggen

The second task is to find the small lake. You can miss it if you are in ha hurry. Look out for beautiful areas. They can come abruptly.

Glenne med høstfarger i skogen ved Bjørnerødpiggen

More excursions:

Excursion of the week: Bjørnerødpiggen.

Length: Nearly two kilometers one way. Calculate half an hour each way. You may want to spend half an hour at the top to climb the tower, take a look at the graveyard and have some food and a cold drink.

Suitable for: All ages. Children from 3 to 4 years will be able to cope with the trip without any help. Fun terrain for both children and adults.

Getting there: Drive from Strømstad towards Krokstrand. Please take care after you have reached Bjørnerød (marked with a sign). Stop and park at the first parking lot on the right side where there is poster with information about the Bohusleden. A hundred meters further on, there is a sign on the left to Bjørenrødpiggen near a white house. Follow the marked trail. You can come to Bjørnerødpiggen from a starting point on the road between Bjørnerød and Näsinge as well. Drive off from E6 at Strømstad's north exit. Follow the inner road (old E6) a few hundred meters back towards Oslo. Turn right to Blomsholm and Näsinge. A good distance before you reach Bjørnerød, there is a sign for Bjørnerødpiggen on the left. This is a more gentle route that gives you a longer walk, but you miss the quarries. Follow the marked trail.

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